Wired Security Systems vs. Wireless Security Systems

Find the Right Security: Wired Security System vs. Wireless

In this day and age it never hurts to be overly safe. It seems that we are always hearing story after story of people getting burgled, or even attacked, in the privacy of their very own homes. The one place that should be safe from the outside world is often the most common target for criminal activities. While it is important to be aware of these facts it also important to realize that while these may seem grim, there are plenty of options for everyone to help deter criminals from taking advantage of your home or business.
Finding the right security system is one of the first and most obvious choices that any home or business owner can make in order to protect their assets. It is not hard to figure out what equipment you will need; cameras, motion detectors and the like are all very common at any home security store. While for many folks in most situations this will be sufficient, there are certain homes and business that need to add an extra measure of security. This is where the argument of a wired security system vs. wireless security comes in.

The difference in a wired security system vs. wireless is how the system interacts with the outside world. Many security systems, with the cameras and other electronics hooked up, send signals wirelessly to some sort of hub, whether that is simply a computer or a full on server depending on the size of the system. While this is definitely a cheaper and easier route it is also more prone to hacking. A competent criminal would not have a difficult time hacking in to the wireless system and controlling the system themselves. They would be able to disarm the entire system leaving you open and vulnerable to a criminal act. The other option is a hard wired system. This is basically the opposite of the other system. Where the wireless system sends signals wirelessly back and speaks to the server that way, a hard wired system is self-contained in that the only way it sends signals is through real wires. While this may seem like a step back in technology, it makes any system that much safer in that the only way for a criminal to access it is to tap in to the actual wires themselves. They would not be able to hack in from a distance, they would have to have access to the actual hard wires and hack in that way.

While there are pros on cons in the wired security system vs. wireless system debate, they are both good for those in different situations. You will have to take a good assessment of what you need and require and take those facts and choose based on what you will determine you need.