How to Work with Neighbors for a Safe Community

In today’s world of terrorism and world crisis, it is becoming more and more important to make sure the neighborhood around you is safe. We cannot control the world but we can take control of our homes and neighborhoods. We can take steps to keep our children, our homes, and our neighborhoods safe.

First, let us take a look some ways to keep our children safe. Make it a priority to know where your children are. Yes, children often do not think it is important that you know everything about what they are doing or where they are but it is up to you to impress upon them that knowing these things keeps them safe. Require your children to tell you or ask you permission before leaving the house. Have them give you a phone number or address of the house where they are going to be. Most importantly set a time for them to return home. Help your children to learn important phone numbers like their own home phone, your work phone and cell phone numbers. Never be afraid to set boundaries for your children. You know the safe places and you to make sure your children stay in those places. Get to know your children’s friends and their parents. Get to know your neighbors and their children.

You can make your neighborhood a better and safer place by following some of these strategies. Celebrate good things the accomplishments of residents and the neighborhood. Encourage neighbors to volunteer to be crime lookouts. These people are responsible for reporting suspicious activity and people in the area. Encourage neighbors to help law enforcement to reduce drug and gang activity by reporting these activities in your neighborhood. Work to bring citizens and law enforcement to come together and to work together. Put together groups whose responsibility it is to clean up the neighborhood and to keep it that way. Have regularly events that educate residents about safety and strategy. Education is the key to making everything work.

One of the most effective ways of keeping a neighborhood safe is to organize a neighborhood watch program. This group works closely with law enforcement. This relationship is essential to making this program work. The group holds regular meetings that enable residents to get to know each other and to give information about the group’s activities. It is important to recruit new members. This group gathers facts about crime in the neighborhood. This is where a close relationship with law enforcement is important. Law enforcement must be comfortable with sharing police reports and crime statistics with citizens. The group compiles information about crime and residents perceptions about that crime. The group monitors vacant lots and other such abandoned property. Keeping these areas cleaned up and clear of dangerous items is an important step towards neighborhood safety. As the number of ethnic groups in the United States increase, it is vital to have members who are bilingual.

Above all, it is vital that residents and neighbors take an active role in keeping their neighborhoods safe. Come together as a neighborhood and take a step in the direction of making our world a better place.