Local vs. National Security Companies

Home security is a big industry with house break-ins in the United States increasing. Many companies offer security systems to guard homes but deciding which company and protection system to purchase requires careful investigation. Experts agree that any home security system needs to be wireless based connected to a control center which can respond immediately to a threat to the home registered on the system and inform the owner of the threat immediately and the nearest police and fire station so that they can respond.

Not every security company has the most updated equipment. The wireless linked system should be linked to the owner’s smart phone for quick response and the system should cover breaking and entry,Co2 emissions and be linked to a thermostat to detect a fire hazard. Full support services for the home owner should be provided by the security company including 24 hour security response from the control room. Thieves are less likely to try to break into a home fitted with a security system and the sign of a well-known national brand of security company is often a deterrent in itself. Local security companies may not have a 24 hour service; they may close on weekends or public holidays. What may look like a good deal may let the purchaser down because he didn’t read the contract fully. The top national brands have had many years of experience and their equipment is usually the latest to be installed but not always, the buyer has to do research to be sure that the system which is installed fits the needs of the property. False alarms because of wrongly fitted equipment can cause considerable problems and embarrassment when emergency services are called out for a false alarm as well as the secondary person on the alarm list if the owner is not at home.

Thieves are becoming more sophisticated so alarm and security systems have to be constantly updated to counter the threat. Updates of systems are probably better performed by top national brands of security companies with a strong and long standing reputation in the market. They have local agents who can visit the home owner if an update on the alarm system is required and can help with any glitches that may occur with the alarm system. Local companies may not have the same resources as national brands which have built up their reputation for reliability over many years. There are league tables of the top brands and impressive client testimonials. Home security is worth paying for to ensure protection and peace of mind.

This does not mean that there are not good local home security companies with excellent local contacts with the emergency services and a good service record .It is incumbent on the home owner to ensure that he asks the right questions.