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A Safe Secure Home At Night

In this day and age with crime on the up rise a person needs to know how to secure their homes. Yet you shouldn’t let fear cause you to go over board so your home become more a prison then a home. Sometimes you can go over board with loud alarms and flashing lights that does more to annoy your neighbors then frighten away burglars.

If you live in an area where you can hire an expert to come in and evaluate how burglar proof your home is, you could have this done. Still there are some simple things you can do like adding locks to all your windows and doors. You’ll need to talk to your lock smith to make sure you get the most secure lock he has.

A lot of robberies happen at night while people are a sleep. This makes it less likely that neighbors will be awake to see or hear anything. So a camera may make you feel more secure at night as well catch things that otherwise your sleeping neighbors might miss. Sometimes something as simple as getting yourself a dog from the near by pound can be a deterrent to a burglar and dogs can be pleasant company as well as they make you feel more secure. If your going to be away from home take a flashlight with you instead of leaving an outside light on this lets a robber know your not at home and it wouldn’t hurt to leave an inside light on. It wouldn’t hurt to put out the extra bucks to the electric company for a security light specially if you live in the country.

If your neighborhood has already had a rash of robberies it wouldn’t hurt to get together with neighbors and friends to form a neighborhood watch. Neighborhood watches has helped to lower crimes in heavy crime areas. Not only do they help lower robberies, they also lower attacks and drug related crimes. Let your local police know your concerns and maybe they can do a few extra drive byes. If you live in a small community sometimes police will do this as part of their services, specially if it’s an election year.

There is all kinds of alarms that you can buy for your home that will fit with in your budget. Just make sure that you buy what you need from a reliable company. A local company would be the best because you may already know the people you’ll be dealing with. No one likes to have strangers prowling around inside their home. How ever you choose to protect your home make sure it fits in your budget and life style. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own homes and lets face it the world isn’t as safe as it use to be.

You should never open the door to someone you don’t know not even if you have a chain to hold the door. If you don’t have a window that you can see who’s at the door, you might need to have a peep hole installed in your door. If someone claims to be hurt, just tell them through the door you’ll call 911. If they are really hurt this will take care of the problem. If they are up to no good, this will usually scare them off.

There was a time when you could leave your doors unlocked but that isn’t a great ideal an more. It’s not a sign of weakness to add an alarm, a key pad, camera or a few extra locks. It is sadly is just a sign of the times. So do what ever you need to be safe. It doesn’t mean your world is out of control, it means your taking back the control of your world.

Check out places you can buy alarms, security cameras and key pads online. Most of your local stores will probably have a web site. How much and what kind of security you get is up to you.


How to Work with Neighbors for a Safe Community

In today’s world of terrorism and world crisis, it is becoming more and more important to make sure the neighborhood around you is safe. We cannot control the world but we can take control of our homes and neighborhoods. We can take steps to keep our children, our homes, and our neighborhoods safe.

First, let us take a look some ways to keep our children safe. Make it a priority to know where your children are. Yes, children often do not think it is important that you know everything about what they are doing or where they are but it is up to you to impress upon them that knowing these things keeps them safe. Require your children to tell you or ask you permission before leaving the house. Have them give you a phone number or address of the house where they are going to be. Most importantly set a time for them to return home. Help your children to learn important phone numbers like their own home phone, your work phone and cell phone numbers. Never be afraid to set boundaries for your children. You know the safe places and you to make sure your children stay in those places. Get to know your children’s friends and their parents. Get to know your neighbors and their children.

You can make your neighborhood a better and safer place by following some of these strategies. Celebrate good things the accomplishments of residents and the neighborhood. Encourage neighbors to volunteer to be crime lookouts. These people are responsible for reporting suspicious activity and people in the area. Encourage neighbors to help law enforcement to reduce drug and gang activity by reporting these activities in your neighborhood. Work to bring citizens and law enforcement to come together and to work together. Put together groups whose responsibility it is to clean up the neighborhood and to keep it that way. Have regularly events that educate residents about safety and strategy. Education is the key to making everything work.

One of the most effective ways of keeping a neighborhood safe is to organize a neighborhood watch program. This group works closely with law enforcement. This relationship is essential to making this program work. The group holds regular meetings that enable residents to get to know each other and to give information about the group’s activities. It is important to recruit new members. This group gathers facts about crime in the neighborhood. This is where a close relationship with law enforcement is important. Law enforcement must be comfortable with sharing police reports and crime statistics with citizens. The group compiles information about crime and residents perceptions about that crime. The group monitors vacant lots and other such abandoned property. Keeping these areas cleaned up and clear of dangerous items is an important step towards neighborhood safety. As the number of ethnic groups in the United States increase, it is vital to have members who are bilingual.

Above all, it is vital that residents and neighbors take an active role in keeping their neighborhoods safe. Come together as a neighborhood and take a step in the direction of making our world a better place.

Protecting Your Valuables with Home Alarms

Nowadays a person can never be too careful when it comes to protecting their home. A home alarm system can help give a person peace of mind and allow them to have a feeling of security. With a break in happen an average of once every 15 seconds it is important to have a home alarm system for extra protection.
Types of Home Alarms
There are different types of home alarm systems. They will all protect the home but have some different features that a homeowner may or may not need. The monitored home alarm system will alert the security companies call center when an alarm has been set off. A worker fro the call center will call the home to see if everything is okay. If there is no answer or the phone lines are cut the police will be called.
Unmonitored Home Alarm
When an alarm from this type of system is set off it will make a very loud noise. The homeowner can then contact the police. If the alarm is loud enough a neighbor may call the police in some cases. This type of alarm often comes with an outdoor flash light system so a person can see the area of their home that is disturbed. There is no monthly fees for the monitoring of this service. An intruder may hear the alarm sounding and back away from the home.
Wireless Home Alarms
Wireless alarm systems are battery powder and uses a series of receives, camera, sensors, and detectors that surround the home. If some cases a person can even have images from this system projected on their television screens or computers. A person can install this type of system on their own and can be programmed to fit the needs of the homeowner.
Hard Wired Alarm Systems
A hard wired alarm system is installed in inside of the walls and crawlspaces often by a professional. This system is attached to the electrical system of the hope to keep it running. There may be a backup powder source such as a battery in case of a power outage.
Electric Current Home Alarm System
This is the most popular type of alarm system that is sold. The alarms are placed at the entranceways and windows, garages doors, and other openings. Once the alarm is set and something activates it the alarm will make loud sounds. The alarm can also be set to silence and the system will alert the police if it is set off. This alarm is often used with motion detectors that will turn on lights if someone tires to enter the home or get too close. There are also some detectors that work by body heat. This will decrease the chances of something such as an animal setting off a false alarm.
Home alarm systems will help keep the home safe and protect the family from an intruder entering. No matter what type of home alarm systems a person chooses for protect they can rest easily knowing their family and valuables are protected.

Finding Affordable Home Security Systems

Having a home security system can be a great source of comfort, when it comes to both home and family. But there are many aspects of finding the right security system that still eludes people. More people need to know what to do and where to go for their security.

It’s not as simple as buying a state-of-the-art security system and calling it a day. There are little things that people need to pay attention to, when it comes to having affordable security.

1) Get new locks made for the new house. When someone buys a new home they need to have the previous locks changed. Get copies of the new key. Only give the key copies to those that are trustworthy. Don’t just give them out left and right, as a person would with party favors.

2) Use a trusted locksmith and get deadbolts put on the doors. Having deadbolts on the doors can go a long way, when looking for affordable home security. Having a deadbolt is a good way to prevent someone breaking in.

3) Use latches and other devices on the insides of the windows. This way no one can get into them from the outside. So many feel that having just a deadbolt on the door will do the trick. But you need to protect every part of the house.

4) Invest in some sort of home security system that doesn’t use wiring. But do some research first. There are promotions happening all the time. Look in the local papers and online. Sometimes the best deals are kind of hidden. Look for the coupons too. There are usually coupons attached to a big promotion. So call some of the local companies in the area. Find out from them first-hand what they are offering.

5) Know the costs before signing on the dotted-line. Add up the installation costs with the yearly maintenance fees. Divide this by the number of years the house will be occupied for. This will give an idea of how much the cost will be for the whole thing. When talking to the companies, make sure that their offer is a flat rate, and not something that will go up in time.

6) Think about investing in home insurance too. Most companies will give at percent off, if there is a successfully installed home security system. Home insurance is a great way to add more protection and more value.

7) Another thing that can be done is by doing the installation yourself. Now this might be a bit more costing, but it can save money in the long run. There are a number of hardware security systems that a person can look into. The only thing that should be advised is the power issue. Make sure that if the power does go out, the security system won’t.

There are also the standard safety precautions. Just looking into every day safety measures can do a lot. Things like locking the door all the way is a great way to start. This includes everything, especially garage doors. The garage doors are more easy to get into, then some of the others.

DIY vs. Professionally Installed Security Systems

There are many more options available to homeowners today who wish to have security systems in place. There are now a number of wireless systems on the market that ease the installation process, allowing people to tackle the process themselves. These systems offer many of the advantages of traditional, hardwired systems without many of the drawbacks that come with systems requiring professional installation from large firms. Although there are advantages and disadvantages that come with both types of security systems, making the choice between the two is one that is completely up to the homeowner once they are fully informed.

One of the advantages that comes with security systems that are professionally installed is virtually no waiting time when it comes to getting added protection for the home. Most companies can make appoints for the same day or the following day. You also have the added comfort of knowing that the system has been installed with expertise care. When you install a security system yourself, the likelihood that there are errors during installations or problems that could cause the unit to fail at some point are much more substantial. Additionally, the experts can make recommendations about what kind of equipment to use and how to best set it up around your property. The technical knowledge that comes with experience and getting results can be invaluable when it comes to an efficient and effective home security system.

Experts who are installing a home security system will also walk you through the reaction of the equipment in the event of an emergency. Systems that are installed by the homeowner often go untested until the system is set off at some unforeseen time. There are some disadvantages to professional installment as well. The upfront payments required are considerable when compared to the cost associated with self-installation. Additionally, they are often requirements for signing up for monthly service charges. Homeowners also may face additional expenses when they move to a different home. All the equipment may not be transferable, or there may be an additional fee for a second installation. Homeowners also have less control over the devices that they want installed when turning to professional security systems as well.

Self-installation offers some considerable advantages as well that include the non-existence of an installation fee. Homeowners have greater freedom when it comes to the kind of equipment that they want installed and the amount of hardware they want to put in place at one time. Although, you might face some limitations when it comes to where the equipment can be put in place if you have little technical knowledge. Most professional installation involves drilling and running wires through walls. Homeowners typically resist making any big structural changes if they have experience in this area. Wireless systems also use battery power rather than being tapped into the home power supply. This aspect of self-installation leads to the regular need to change batteries. While you do have savings upfront when it comes to installation fees, the wireless systems costs much more money. The large security firms order their equipment in bulk, allowing them to offer customers much more competitive prices on the equipment itself.


Home Security Systems

Everyone wants to keep their family and assets safe, and in today’s day and age there are many more things to worry about and keep secure. It can be difficult sometimes looking for the right security for your home and family. There are way too many security companies to choose from and you want to make sure you have the best protection for the best price. There are multiple things one must keep in mind when looking for an at home security system, as well as who is running that security system. I have a few tips for you to use when looking for a home security system company to ensure that you are getting the best protection, the best service, and the best value for your home and family.

First off always make sure you get the most you can out of a home security company. All home security companies and systems are very similar in what they offer. What sets these particular companies apart are all of the extra services that come with choosing them. So make sure you read up on those extra services to make sure you get the most you can for what you are paying.
A very important question you should be asking your home security service company is to make sure they offer maintenance on their products. Sooner or later your security devices will need upkeep and some companies may charge extra for maintenance. Make sure your company doesn’t have any hidden costs for upkeep and maintenance of their systems.
Make sure the company you are working with also has a warranty for its services. In case something goes wrong, you want to make sure you’re protected in every way possible, a warranty on your products and services will save you lots of money in case something goes wrong and needs replacement or fixing.
Alarm monitoring ensures that your homes alarms are monitored by a staff, so if anything went wrong a team member will get someone over to look at the problem ASAP. Make sure the company you use offers 24hour monitoring, not only will you have better protection, but this will also help lower your home insurance premiums. If you can get a contract for the alarm monitoring that may avoid extra costs, because you will be paying a yearly price for the monitoring instead of month to month.
Of course one of the best ways to ensure you’re going with the right company is reputation. A security company’s reputation is based on reviews, history, and word of mouth. If a company has been around for a very long time that is a good sign that shows this company is successful. Look at online reviews and maybe even ask a friend, family, or neighbor that is using their services. That way you can get a free hands-on look at how the systems work and look, and a good understanding of the companies services and history as well.
I hope these tips will help you in choosing the correct home security system for you and your family. You can never have enough protection and your home is one of your most valuable investments, so make sure you are covered head to toe.

Home Monitoring

Protecting a home is now inexpensive and easier than it has been in the past. New technology allows a homeowner to monitor their home with ease. Also the importance of home monitoring has been come increasingly critical. Not only while the family is away but while the family is a asleep. Safety and peace of mind, should never be underestimated.

The common perception is that home monitoring is a preventative measure against crime and criminal elements. Crime is just one aspect of protection and prevention of home monitoring. As houses become more energy efficient, the chances of something tragic occurring due to an appliance malfunction becomes acute. Many homes use gas appliances, appliances that could suffer a malfunction and release hazardous carbon monoxide into the home. This odorless and tasteless gas can quickly suffocate sleeping individuals. By utilizing a home monitoring service with carbon monoxide detection capability, the family can rest well knowing, that in case of danger, they will be alerted.

Carbon Monoxide detection is only one of the possible reasons for home monitoring. Fire detection is also available with some home monitoring services. While it might seem cheaper to just utilize a fire detector, the home monitoring service can alert the fire department for a faster response. Of course, even with a home monitoring service, fire detectors are still a good idea to use. While the family is evacuating for safety, the fire service is on its way

Naturally, home monitoring also helps protect and prevent home invasions. Many times just the presence of a home monitoring service can deter individuals from advancing on a protected home. In situations where a home invasion does take place, the service can quickly alert the authorities. This means a faster response time and a better chance the invaders are caught and arrested.

Many home monitoring services also offer accident response. Should an individual find them self alone and injured, some services offer a packages that have independent sensors and call mechanisms that when activated will invoke a response by the authorities. For elderly home owners, adding or having this type of service in conjunction with other services can help with responses that might otherwise not be available. It is important to note however, that not all home monitoring services or systems offer the same features. Therefore, exploring all the options and services offered by a service, is recommended.

Home monitoring services and systems offer a relatively inexpensive service compared with the safety and peace of mind that comes with having the service. Many insurance companies also offer a discount when employing a home monitoring service. Home monitoring can protect the homeowner or family, while away or asleep, and give the peace of mind that they are safe and secure in the home.

Local vs. National Security Companies

Home security is a big industry with house break-ins in the United States increasing. Many companies offer security systems to guard homes but deciding which company and protection system to purchase requires careful investigation. Experts agree that any home security system needs to be wireless based connected to a control center which can respond immediately to a threat to the home registered on the system and inform the owner of the threat immediately and the nearest police and fire station so that they can respond.

Not every security company has the most updated equipment. The wireless linked system should be linked to the owner’s smart phone for quick response and the system should cover breaking and entry,Co2 emissions and be linked to a thermostat to detect a fire hazard. Full support services for the home owner should be provided by the security company including 24 hour security response from the control room. Thieves are less likely to try to break into a home fitted with a security system and the sign of a well-known national brand of security company is often a deterrent in itself. Local security companies may not have a 24 hour service; they may close on weekends or public holidays. What may look like a good deal may let the purchaser down because he didn’t read the contract fully. The top national brands have had many years of experience and their equipment is usually the latest to be installed but not always, the buyer has to do research to be sure that the system which is installed fits the needs of the property. False alarms because of wrongly fitted equipment can cause considerable problems and embarrassment when emergency services are called out for a false alarm as well as the secondary person on the alarm list if the owner is not at home.

Thieves are becoming more sophisticated so alarm and security systems have to be constantly updated to counter the threat. Updates of systems are probably better performed by top national brands of security companies with a strong and long standing reputation in the market. They have local agents who can visit the home owner if an update on the alarm system is required and can help with any glitches that may occur with the alarm system. Local companies may not have the same resources as national brands which have built up their reputation for reliability over many years. There are league tables of the top brands and impressive client testimonials. Home security is worth paying for to ensure protection and peace of mind.

This does not mean that there are not good local home security companies with excellent local contacts with the emergency services and a good service record .It is incumbent on the home owner to ensure that he asks the right questions.

Wired Security Systems vs. Wireless Security Systems

Find the Right Security: Wired Security System vs. Wireless

In this day and age it never hurts to be overly safe. It seems that we are always hearing story after story of people getting burgled, or even attacked, in the privacy of their very own homes. The one place that should be safe from the outside world is often the most common target for criminal activities. While it is important to be aware of these facts it also important to realize that while these may seem grim, there are plenty of options for everyone to help deter criminals from taking advantage of your home or business.
Finding the right security system is one of the first and most obvious choices that any home or business owner can make in order to protect their assets. It is not hard to figure out what equipment you will need; cameras, motion detectors and the like are all very common at any home security store. While for many folks in most situations this will be sufficient, there are certain homes and business that need to add an extra measure of security. This is where the argument of a wired security system vs. wireless security comes in.

The difference in a wired security system vs. wireless is how the system interacts with the outside world. Many security systems, with the cameras and other electronics hooked up, send signals wirelessly to some sort of hub, whether that is simply a computer or a full on server depending on the size of the system. While this is definitely a cheaper and easier route it is also more prone to hacking. A competent criminal would not have a difficult time hacking in to the wireless system and controlling the system themselves. They would be able to disarm the entire system leaving you open and vulnerable to a criminal act. The other option is a hard wired system. This is basically the opposite of the other system. Where the wireless system sends signals wirelessly back and speaks to the server that way, a hard wired system is self-contained in that the only way it sends signals is through real wires. While this may seem like a step back in technology, it makes any system that much safer in that the only way for a criminal to access it is to tap in to the actual wires themselves. They would not be able to hack in from a distance, they would have to have access to the actual hard wires and hack in that way.

While there are pros on cons in the wired security system vs. wireless system debate, they are both good for those in different situations. You will have to take a good assessment of what you need and require and take those facts and choose based on what you will determine you need.

Home Alarm Systems for the Whole Family

It should go without saying that Home Security to say the least is one of the most vital assets of your family’s safety and your personal assets. When deciding on which Home Security Company you may want to consider their products and services; price will also be a factor.
Products generally include sound emitting devices such as a siren, dogs barking, human voices or some other type of sound eminence, laser motion detectors for both the inside and the outside which also includes light motion sensors, security motion cameras inside and outside and with the desired package include nanny-cams to monitor the children’s safety and silent alarms with a direct link to the police department.
Most security systems are also designed to automatically call for medical and fire emergency services as well. In the case of the Medical emergency service, the home owner doesn’t have to be at home to use the medical emergency services but can be anywhere as long as they are wearing their emergency medical alert transmitter. These devices are small and light weight enough to worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Once activated, usually by a simple push on a tab, the responders can find you by GPS.
After decided which company to go with based on their products and services, the job now falls on where to place all the security items. This will all be determined by the layout of your house and the grounds. Trees, thick shrubbery and hilly terrain can be blind spots, so these are definitely places of high consideration to have security lights and cameras focused.
Surveillance cameras for the protection of your family and especially for the children should be placed in strategic areas where they have full coverage of the area you plan to place them in. Cameras should never be able to be seen in plain sight because a possible criminal would be could just as easily maneuver around the cameras. This is why your home surveillance cameras must be out of plain sight and protected from the weather.
Exterior motion detectors are great for deterrence; they are normally programmed to come on only when someone comes too close to the house however, it is nothing to outfit that motion sensor with a horn to warm of any would be intruders. When installing interior security systems such as motion detectors in windows or doors, you will find that you have so many options available such as wireless devices for the doors, windows and throughout the house.

Packages are available for the home owner to monitor the house by remote form another computer or smart device. You can even lock doors, close the garage door and even turn off appliances depending on the package you select.
24 hour services include two way voice communications with the security company.
Find out what works best for you. This could mean doing some shopping around, but well worth the effort to keep your home and family safe.