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Having ADT monitored security in your home can help provide peace of mind if you ever face an accident or emergency.

The 2015 FBI Uniform Crime Report shows that more than 70 percent of burglaries targeted residential properties. But with a home monitoring system, residents can help protect their own home and surrounding neighborhood. Detecting and helping prevent burglary is just one of many ADT monitored home alarm system premier functions. In fact, the ADT monitoring network helps respond to approximately 15 million alarm alerts every year.

With ADT monitoring, burglary detection is just the beginning to home security benefits. In addition to helping reduce your risk for break-ins, an ADT monitored alarm system can provide extra protection in the following dangerous situations.

  • ADT smoke and fire monitoring – For millions of homeowners, smoke detectors are essential features. With ADT fire and smoke monitoring, you, the ADT network and your local authorities will be alerted when sensors detect the first signs of a fire inside your house.
  • ADT carbon monoxide monitoring – Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and tasteless. And more importantly, it’s also toxic. Fortunately, electronic carbon monoxide detectors can help protect you from a threat that your senses can’t recognize. ADT carbon monoxide monitoring is designed to sound an alarm if this harmful gas reaches dangerous levels inside your home.
  • ADT flood monitoring – If your home has a basement, flooding is always a possibility. Water damage can be expensive to repair, and some sentimental items can never be replaced. With ADT flood monitoring, a special sensor monitors a specific area of your home for signs of potential flooding. A warning from your ADT monitored alarm can help you locate the source of the problem, allowing you and your family to remove valuables before serious water damage occurs.

Get ADT monitoring in your home today

ADT monitoring can help you face a variety of unexpected events that could jeopardize your home’s safety.

Threats such as fire, carbon monoxide and burglary can develop in seconds, giving homeowners little time to seek help. Every second counts in an emergency – and fast-response alerts from an ADT monitored alarm system can help you act both quickly and calmly in a high-stress crisis.

The responsibility of keeping your home, family and possessions safe doesn’t have to fall entirely on your shoulders. Let ADT monitoring help you fulfill these obligations, with high-tech security equipment and monitoring strength that helps arm your home every minute, every hour and every day.

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